Online Image Pricing:

For ordering and purchasing prints via the web, I use "Paypal" a well established secure and trusted method of transferring funds.

Alternatively you can telephone me to order - If I am not available leave a contact number or email address and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Local Delivery.

Free local delivery (Harrogate North Yorkshire UK)

Posting overseas.

Email me for further information.

Mounted print sizes:

All my mounts fit a standard frame size*, with the exception of the 76x37cm (Letterbox) mounted images.

Frames are available from Blossom Gallery Knaresborough or retail outlets such as Ikea** or your local framer.

30.48 x 25.4 cm * (10" x 12")(Print size approx.: 22.8cm x 15.2cm / 9"x6")

40 x 50 cm */** (15.74" x 19.68") (Print size approx.: 38.1cm x 25.4cm / 15"x10")

50 x 70 cm */** (19.68" x 27.55") (Print size approx.: 60.9cm x 40.6cm / 24"x16")

76x37cm (14.56" x 29.92") (Print size approx.: 60.9cm x 20.3cm / 24"x8")

NEW - 46cm x 106.5cm ( x ) (Print size approx.: x / x )

NEW - 76cm x 106.5cm ( x ) (Print size approx.: x / x )

Please note that the above image sizes quoted are all approximate. Please allow for a little image / mount overlap.


Correct available print size:

Please make sure you order the correct size available for the image in question. If in doubt email me, I will be happy to help. Available sizes for each image are quoted by using the "image information" button which can be found underneath each thumbnail image in the galleries. Not all images are available in the 70x50cm for example.

Canvas Prints:

Some of you may have noticed that I have removed them from the pricing structure below. This is not to say that they are no longer available, it is just so that I can concentrate on my standard prints via the website.

As before email me with regards to whether an image is available or not in the canvas format. Approx size 84cm x 54cm Price £110.00 each plus postage and packaging. (Please note I occasionally carry a few to my shows)


All my medium to large sized photographs are printed at a professional laboratory using archive quality photographic paper."The resulting prints are true photographic prints of superb quality with exceptional colour stability" They are then hand window mounted by myself using Arqadia "Hayseed" conservation mountboard.

As of late 2012 all 50cm x 40cm print upwards are heat pressed using a specialist heat activated mount board. This means prints will not ruckle etc and stay nice and flat.

Below is a chart showing the price structure. It also lists the postage and packaging prices.

Free local delivery (Harrogate North Yorkshire UK)

Mount Dimensions Mounted Print

Including Print Postage & Packing UK

Standard frames mounted print prices £ (Available at the Gallery or craft fairs only)
x1- 30.48 x 25.4 cm £15.00 £19.00 £25.00
x1- 50 x 40 cm £38.00 £48.00 £58.00
x1- 70 x 50 cm £64.00 £74.00


x1- 76 x 37 cm

£54.00 £64.00 £79.00

x1- 84 x 52 cm Approx. Giclee Canvas

£110.00 £125.00 No frame required.
x1- 50 x 40 cm Limited Edition (50) £75.00 £85.00 £95.00
x1- 70 x 50 cm Limited Edition (50) £115.00 £125.00 £151.00

For all international orders please email me prior to ordering, to obtain shipping costs. All items are sent via Airmail only.

International customers - a new option to purchase unmounted (Rolled) prints - email me for further information. (For the following sizes - 15"x10" & 24"x8" & 24"x16")