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Paul Franklin Photography Galleries
In the individual galleries shown above, you will find a cross section of my present portfolio. Containing a wide ranging display of contemporary and traditional photographs.
Such as the eerie "snow like appearance" recorded by the infra red film medium, to the stunning scenery vistas of Iceland.

All these images from Gallery 1-15 are available to purchase, via fairs held in Yorkshire attended by myself or family. Please refer to the Resources News Page section for dates and venues, or purchase online via the website using the secure Paypal option (Please note 'Javascript' must be enabled on your computer for this to work) Alternatively send me an email to with your request details.

Special Event Galleries - Gallery 16
This gallery contains images which are presently not available to purchase, but you are more than welcome to view these images and send me your comments (Either it's work in progress, or are simply not available at this present time)
They will cover events such as Motorsports - Car & Bike / Guest photographers work / I have also future plans to include "Stock library" images of various subject categories, available on disc for a one off payment. Ideal for the design company needing to source that elusive image!
There are also plans to include a Stained glass section, which will give you the opportunity to view my interpretations of some of my photographic images in the medium of glass. These unique individual pieces of art will eventually available for purchase.

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